The Business

FeetcarePlus is named in order to convey that Foot-comfort is our priority and speciality.  We strive to provide the highest standards of treatment combined with appropriate advice to ensure improved foot-health for the long-term.

Karen Perry MBChA MSSCh has worked in the local community as a chiropodist for 17 years and was keen to expand to help as many people as possible. Feet problems are often neglected which can be painful, but treatment can be quick & effective.

Karen has brought together trained professionals who all believe that foot care is important to maintain health and vitality. All are trained and are experienced with all aspects of foot care.

Working in the community, Karen witnessed how poor bone alignment could cause discomfort and distress and was delighted to discover the Footbalance system that could quickly & effectively alleviate many issues. This is now offered at the local Wyndham Centre and has helped over 200 people.

Karen is constantly looking for ways to help her patients to improve their wellbeing and comfort: your comfort is our priority.