The Team

Karen PerryKaren Perry – MSSCh MBChA

Karen originally worked in the industrial packaging industry before training as a Registered Chiropodist 17 years ago. Karen is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Karen’s reputation has been built by treating patients to the highest standards and ensuring their comfort by correct and skilful treatment, combined with advice on how to ensure comfort for as long as possible.

Karen founded FeetcarePlus with the aim of bringing together trained feet care professionalswho not only treat painful feet but advise on sustaining good feet health.

Karen is especially concerned with patients with long term health conditions such diabetes and caring for the aging foot: growing older is inevitable but having sore feet if optional, and more importantly, avoidable.

Karen works at the Wyndham Centre in Baldock two days a week, conducts home visits and treats residents in nursing homes.

hcpc-UK hcpc Registration No. CH22529


Liz Newham

Liz worked for several years as a community mental health nurse and is experienced in working with dementia sufferers.

Liz trained at the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead and is qualified and insured to treat common conditions of the feet such as corns, calluses and fungal infections.

Liz attends to the feet of residents in residential care settings, visits individuals in their homes and is able to offer appointments at the Wyndham centre in Baldock.

Clients can be assured of a professional and friendly service.