RedBlueMan1Orthotics/Insoles and Footbalance

Many foot & joint problems are caused when the bones in the feet are damaged or moved due to injury, aging, illness or wear and tear. Realigning the skeleton can relieve many joint pains: foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder & neck problems. It is simple to realign the skeleton using custom made, corrective orthotic/insole supports. At FeetcarePlus we have embraced the Footbalance system, an innovative support system that assists in making custom-made insoles that fit into virtually all types of footwear.

Foot support was originally developed to enhance sporting performance but it quickly become evident that everyone, especially anyone active, could enjoy better comfort in all structural joints by having their feet supported.

It may seem strange that a special insole hidden in footwear can help the rest of the body but age, wear and tear, arthritis, sporting injury and increased weight are just some of the reasons why joint alignment can be altered and the joints stop working perfectly. An incorrectly aligned skeleton causes stresses on bone, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues – sometimes also trapping nerves, instigating arthritic inflammation, even causing devastating trauma in joints.

We at FeecarePlus believe that the Footbalance system is an efficient means of producing an outstanding custom-made product. Analysis, production & fitting using Footbalance is concluded within a 30 minute appointment at an affordable cost – custom-made devices have previously cost hundreds of pounds. The analysis is painless and is conducted by standing on a pressure indicator whilst three photographs are taken showing foot function.

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