Cracked Heels or Hard Skin

What Are Cracked Heels or Hard Skin?

  • Both Cracked Heels or Hard Skin are caused by dry or sensitive skin on the foot reacting to pressure on the heels from footwear.
  • Dryer skin often responds to pressure by thickening which leads to splitting.
  • Once the skin has split, infections can get in and affect the deep tissues.
  • Once the skin hardens around the split, it rarely heals and can be very painful.



  • The most appropriate treatment is to have the hard skin removed. This is a quick and painless process followed by application of soothing foot cream.
  • Regular application of a specialist heel balm can be very beneficial in improving skin condition.


How We Can Help

  • The most effective treatment is to have your feet thoroughly and professionally assessed by a FeetcarePlus Professional.
  • We have samples of heel balms and recommend products in the CCS & Flexitol range.
  • We give advice and suggestions to ensure your feet are comfortable for the longest possible time.
  • Call 01462 790065 or email for a consultation.