Diabetic Footcare

Why Do Diabetics Need Special Care?

Diabetes is a condition that can make the feet vulnerable and have a huge impact on health and mobility. Unfortunately, this is a health condition being experienced by an increasing number of people.


The diabetic foot is prone to many conditions:

  • Nerve damage leading to sensitivity reduction (neuropathy). This is a loss of feelings or inability to feel heat or pain.   There is a high risk of injury without realisation, and poor working of muscles can result in a loss of stability.   Bones become vulnerable to fractures.

Click here for picture of affected foot.

  • Restriction of blood flow resulting in poor healing from trauma or infection and cold feet with discomfort.
  • Skin often becomes frail and/or dry which can leave it prone to infection. Swelling (oedema) is a risk for frail/taught skin. Impaired circulation can prolong healing times.

Click here for picture of affected foot.

  • Circulation problems can lead to vascular disease (vulnerable tissues), swelling, ulcers and poor healing of injuries. If these conditions are not treated, deterioration can result in a foot/limb being amputated. Lack of blood supply can lead to nerve and/or tissue pain too.
  • Changes to muscles, ligaments and tendons can cause foot bones to come out of their correct alignment causing Supportive Tissue Deterioration (soft tissue injury). This mis-alignment can result in both pain in the feet and pain in the supportive joints of the body (feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck). Resulting pressure points caused in footwear due to this mis-alignment can seriously injure the skin causing skin-breakdown/ulcers (click here to see picture). The foot shape can become deformed causing stress injuries and pressures/friction wounds.

Here are pictures of pressure and friction wounds.

  • Nail structures can become distorted, thickened, split or twisted making them prone to infection & discolouration. Damaged nail structures can lead to direct pain or skin injury.

See a picture of nails with damaged structures here.

  • With diabeties the foot shape alters resulting in the need for specific and specialised footwear, hosiery and treatment to keep healthy. If this happens the most effective treatment is to have the feet supported with Custom-made insoles/Orthotics. The Footbalance System is designed to create custom made insoles to aid alignment and a 30 minute appointment can leave you walking in greater comfort. Click here for more information on Footbalance.


How We Can Help

  • We undertake careful assessment of Diabetic patients.
  • FeetcarePlus Professionals skilfully treat diabetic feet problems and recommend appropriate ways to keep the feet comfortable and healthy, for as long as possible.
  • We liaise with local medical services responsible for Diabetic care and help patients take correct action to ensure their long-term comfort and foot-health.
  • Our many years of providing Chiropody care to the diabetic patient mean we offer skilful treatment, together with well-proven measures for improving comfort.
  • Appointments can be one-off or on-going, at home, at our Baldock clinic and we visit Nursing/Care Homes.
  • Call 01462 790065 or email info@feetcareplus.co.uk for a consultation.