Distorted Nail

What Is Distorted Nail?

  • This is a condition where a nail(s) have thickened, have ridges or are causing discomfort.
  • Distorted nails are caused by pressure from footwear or alterations to foot structure: dropping something on your toe or stubbing your foot can also cause distorted nails.
  • Pain can vary depending on the cause & type of pressure and how long the problem has been occurring.
  • Click here for ‘before and after’ pictures of distorted nails.



  • We trim and manage the affected nail plates.
  • Footwear may need to be changed or insoles inserted into shoes to help alleviate pressure and correctly re-align the foot structure.


How We Can Help

  • The most effective treatment is to have the feet thoroughly and professionally diagnosed by a FeetcarePlus Professional.
  • We give advice and suggestions to ensure your feet are comfortable for the longest possible time.
  • Call 01462 790065 or email info@feetcareplus.co.uk for a consultation.