Elderly Footcare

Why Do the Elderly Need Special Care?

Growing older is inevitable but having sore feet is optional, and more importantly, avoidable.

The older foot is vulnerable for three main reasons:

      • Health Problems such as diabetes, vascular disease (poor circulation), heart conditions, osteoporosis, arthritic joint changes, skin fragility/ulcer formation, loss of sensation, oedema (swelling), sight deterioration & medication side effects.
      • Mobility Issues such as impaired balance and movement resulting in shuffling, weight increases, use of a walking stick or frame with associated gait alteration.
      • Physical Changes such as alteration to foot structure, size and shape. The skin can thin leaving the weight-bearing areas unprotected. Foot structure can collapse which alters the toe shape meaning many styles of footwear can cause injury.

Conditions We Can Treat

      • In-growing nails or distorted nail shapes
      • Overgrown thickened nails
      • Fungal nail infections
      • Long and painful nails
      • Sore corns/calluses
      • Bunions/hammering toes with sore joints or tips
      • Wound treatment and dressings
      • Skin alterations – flaking or thickening or breakdown
      • Routine management of nails and skin which cannot be self-treated

See pictures of potential elderly footcare problems here - Careful - Some people may find these unpleasant!

frictioncompressed-toeslong neglected toenailsbig toe nail corn

How We Can Help

      • Our many years of providing Chiropody care to the older patient mean we offer skilful treatment, together with well-proven measures for improving comfort.
      • The elderly patient, anyone confused, or those with learning disabilities, will benefit from our many years of experience and understanding.
      • We treat and manage the feet of our patients, and recommend ways to ensure they are as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible.
      • Appointments can be one-off or on-going, at home, at our Baldock clinic and we visit Nursing/Care Homes.
      • We are happy to work with Family and Carers responsible for our older patients and welcome advice in order to provide the most appropriate treatments and service.
      • Call 01462 790065 or email info@feetcareplus.co.uk for a consultation.