Fungal Nail

What Is Fungal Nail?

  • This is a condition where a nail(s) have become infected with a fungus.
  • Fungal spores are found in our environment and can even be found on our skin in the form of ‘Athletes Foot’.
  • Fungal spores can enter the nail plate when it is damaged or banged. It can also be contracted when toe nails are cut with dirty nail clippers or filed with dirty nail files.
  • The environment found in footwear is often perfect for fungal spores to thrive: dark, warm and moist.
  • The toe nail changes colour due to the infection to a mixture of yellow, brow, black & white.
  • The nail often thickens and looks like there is debris under the nail plate.

Click here for pictures of fungal nails.



  • Fungal nails are treatable but must be diagnosed by a professional to ensure that the correct treatment is given.
  • Nails will be reduced and managed to reduce pain and improve comfort.
  • Adjusting footwear to alleviate pressure can help the nail condition.
  • For some patients a special liquid can be painted onto the nail plate to eradicate the infection.
  • If the infection has spread to the nail bed itself or the area that helps the nail grow then specialist treatment from a GP is required.


How We Can Help

  • The most effective treatment is to have your feet thoroughly and professionally diagnosed by a FeetcarePlus Professional.
  • We give advice and suggestions to ensure your feet are comfortable for the longest possible time.
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