In-Growing Toenail

What Is An Ingrowing Toenail?

  • In-growing Toenails are caused when the nail plate is incorrectly cut and a sharp spur is left to grow forward. This acts like a knife cutting into and injuring the soft skin.
  • The pain can also be throbbing and the area can feel hot.
  • The toe and the surrounding area can be red and look enlarged; in some cases it can be bulbous.
  • Click here for pictures of Ingrowing Toenails.



  • Any changes to toenails can cause concern and often discomfort so, as with all aspects of treatment, the correct diagnosis is vital.
  • The Ingrowing Toenail needs to be assessed properly to establish if the if the spur can be removed without the need for anaesthesia.
  • The remedy is to remove the nail spur allowing the injured tissues to heal.
  • An infected In-growing Toenail or one caused by a deep spur may need antibiotic intervention.


How We Can Help

  • The most effective treatment is to have your feet thoroughly and professionally removed by a Feetcare Plus Professional.
  • We treat many ingrowing nails without the need for injections at Feetcare Plus and also manage many distorted and ‘difficult’ nails to ensure long-term comfort.
  • We give advice and suggestions to ensure your feet are comfortable for the longest possible time.
  • Call 01462 790065 or email for a consultation.