Smelly and Sweating Feet

What Are Smelly and Sweating Feet?

  • Smelly or Sweating feet are distressing and can be difficult to cope with.
  • They can be a family trait, caused by hormones or due to inadequate washing.



  • It is recommended that you wear natural fibre socks and wear leather, not plastic, footwear.
  • It is best to change socks at least daily and not wear the same pair of shoes two days running.
  • Warmer weather can make sweating and smelling worse, especially if the feet are confined in enclosed footwear. It is best to wear an open style of shoe to allow air to circulate and keep feet clean and dry.
  • Apply cooling lotions with de-odorising and soothing properties.


How We Can Help

  • The most effective treatment is to have your feet thoroughly and professionally assessed by a FeetcarePlus Professional.
  • We give advice and suggestions to ensure your feet are comfortable for the longest possible time.
  • Call 01462 790065 or email for a consultation.